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Electrical Engineering Company

This case study covers the lead generation campaign that River ran for an electrical engineering firm that were looking to identify large-scale project opportunities.

Lead Generation Case Study

A lead generation campaign that River B2B carried out for an eletrical engineering company

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The Challenge

The challenge that this client was facing wasn’t to do with the number of projects that they were managing, but with the size.


During the pandemic, they had to make some unfortunate redundancies that impacted their sales department. As a result, their remaining sales reps became very tight on time and resources and had to focus on smaller opportunities that were easier to close in order to keep a flow of revenue coming into the business.

Due to their time restrictions, larger project opportunities got put on the back burner, and they would often miss bidding chances for these opportunities as a result.

They came to us for a lead generation campaign that focused on large-scale project opportunities to get their business back on track.

The Project

The client wanted to target large-scale organisations across their three primary sectors: construction, commercial, and residential. To identify potential large project opportunities, they wanted us to approach organisations within these sectors with an annual turnover of £50 million+.

Our team were tasked with getting in contact with the relevant decision-makers within the qualified organisations, and enquiring about any upcoming projects that the organisations may have and how they will be managing the electrical installations and plans for the project.


Once a suitable opportunity was identified, our team would then send over the client’s company information and correspondence for the prospects to review, and the opportunity would then be handed over to the client to discuss project financials and bidding with the prospect.

The initial pilot campaign was carried out over a period of 10 weeks, with our team working 2 days per week on the activity. The agreed target for the pilot was 3 fully qualified project leads handed over to the client.

The Results

At the end of the campaign, our team had handed over a total of 5 qualified project leads to the client, and had also secured an appointment for the client with a well-known residential construction organisation within the UK - resulting in a total of 6 fully qualified large-scale opportunities given to the client.

One month after the end of the pilot, the client confirmed that the total ROI seen from the pilot alone was over 470% due to their high contract value. Since the pilot, the client has signed onto a 3-month rolling campaign, continuing to target large-scale electrical project opportunities within their primary sectors.

Business leads being generated.

6 fully-qualified opportunities generated

Lead generation campaign target.

200% of the campaign target reached

Telemarketing campaign return on investment.

470% ROI reported by the client

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