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Hand Sanitising Stations

This case study covers a telesales campaign that River ran at the start of the Coronavirus pandemic for a company supplying free standing hand sanitising stations.

Telesales Campaign Case Study

A telesales campaign River B2B ran for company that sells freestanding hand sanitising stations

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The Challenge

At the height of the Coronavirus pandemic, this client came to us because they wanted to reach out to businesses in the run-up to the relaxation of lockdown to find out what sanitary measures they had in place to protect their returning customers and staff.

They had been working throughout March & April 2020 to build a backlog of sanitary products and create their own self-standing hand sanitising stations.

The Project

The client wanted to target a range of business types for the campaign, so we split the project into two objectives; one being Corporate, and the other being Retail & Hospitality.

For the Corporate section of the campaign, our team reached out to SMEs and larger companies with registered offices, to find out whether they were planning on going back to the office when the lockdown began to ease, and introduce the client’s hand sanitising products and find out whether they would like to place an order.

The Retail & Hospitality section was very similar. In the final third of the campaign, our team reached out to high-street retailers, shops, cafés, restaurants, and pubs to find out their plans for protecting their staff and their customers once they reopened, and find out whether they would like to place an order for the client’s hand sanitising stations.

The campaign was run 3 days per week over 12 weeks, with the Corporate side of the campaign being run for 8 weeks and the Retail & Hospitality being run for the final 4 weeks.

The target for the campaign was to generate a minimum of 40 sales to offices and corporate facilities, and 30 to retail and hospitality businesses.

The Results

At the end of the first 8 weeks (Corporate), our team had secured 51 sales for the client with a range of businesses across the UK – ranging from small offices of only 20 people, to large London-based firms with 150+ employees on site.

In the final 4 weeks of the campaign, when our team was targeting the Retail & Hospitality sectors, they managed to achieve a total of 38 sales for the client – 23 of which were with shops and retailers, and the other 15 with restaurants and pubs who were preparing to open their doors to the public the following month.

Telesales orders.

Total of 89 orders placed

Telesales campaign target.

127% of the campaign target achieved

Telesales order revenue.

Avg. order value of just over £325

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