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Hexegic - Cyber Security

Take a look at an appointment setting campaign that River ran to help Hexegic break into the commercial sector.

Appointment Setting Case Study

An appointment setting campaign that River B2B carried out for Hexegic

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The Challenge

Prior to working with us, Hexegic was predominantly operating within the government sectors, holding contracts with the Ministry of Defence, Foreign & Commonwealth Office, and the United Nations.

Hexegic got in contact with us in mid-2019 because they wanted to target new areas and bring government-grade cyber security and advice to the commercial sector.

The Project

The initial pilot campaign was focused on generating face-to-face appointments with C-level executives and IT decision-makers within EMEA & UAE based technology and solicitors firms, from a targeted list that was provided by Hexegic.

The target for the campaign was to generate two face-to-face appointments every three days, due to the length and technical complexity of the conversations to be had. The campaign was to be run for 30 days over a 10-week period, with a target of 20 qualified appointments.

The Results

At the end of the pilot activity, our team generated a total of 27 fully qualified face-to-face appointments with a range of organisations with 50 – 250 employees.


As well as this, our team had developed a pipeline of potential opportunities that would be ready to target in the upcoming 3 – 12 months following the campaign.

Since, the initial pilot, we have gone on to carry out several more campaigns for Hexegic who, as a result, has now developed a stronger standing within the commercial cyber security space.

Sales appointments being generated.

27 fully qualified appointments

Appointment setting campaign target.

135% of the campaign target achieved

Pipeline of sales appointment leads.

18 future opportunities in the pipeline

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