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Medical Aesthetic Device Manufacturer

This case study focuses on our clients' success after running an email newsletter campaign to improve engagement with their customers and distributors.

Email Marketing Case Study

A woman who has just received a medical aesthetic treatment looking directly at the camera.

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The Challenge

This client came to us in November 2020 and wanted to run various telemarketing and email marketing projects with us, as well as digital marketing activities via our sister company, Inspired Digital.

The client is a worldwide manufacturer of medical cosmetic and aesthetic treatment technology, with a flagship range of plasma technology devices that resurface, rejuvenate, and tighten the skin.

They came to us because their marketing manager was going on maternity leave and needed someone to fill her shoes and help continue the company's growth for both sales and their online presence.

One of the big sides of their project involved improving engagement and support for their worldwide network of distributors, and their end-users.

The Project

To help the client improve their engagement and support with their distributors, we suggested a monthly newsletter to help keep the distributors connected with industry news, company and product developments, tips, training and more.

The client also wanted to run another newsletter alongside the first one, aimed at end-users (clinicians, doctors, and plastic surgeons) with safety information about the devices, competitions, success stories, and more.

The client already had opted-in databases of both distributors and end-users that they had obtained earlier in the year; with the distributor list standing at 54 records and the end-user database with over 300 records.

The newsletter we designed by our in-house team in keeping with the client’s brand guidelines which were supplied and reflected the client’s goal of keeping information and support clear, easy to understand, and easily accessible.

The newsletter was scheduled for the last day of the month, recapping important events from the month and an ICYMI (in case you missed it) section.

The Results

After working with the client from November 2020 through to May 2021, when their marketing manager returned from maternity leave, our team helped the client to maintain engagement with their distributors and end-users and helped to grow their network through various newsletter promotions and referral schemes.

Overall, the client saw another 11 distributors from 7 different countries join their network, as well as 5 device sales through attributed to their referral scheme which was promoted through their newsletters.

International distributor dealing with products.

11 new global distributors

Online orders through an email marketing campaign.

5 end-user device sales

Email marketing return on investment.

400% ROI reported by the client

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