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Portable Power Bank Stations

This case study covers a customer service project that River ran for a company that supplies power bank stations to venues to drive footfall and increase dwell time.

Customer Support Case Study

A customer service campaign that River B2B ran for a company that supplies power bank rental stations.

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The Challenge

This client has a wide network of rental power banks for mobile phones with over 2,500 partnered venues across Europe.

Users will pay to rent a power bank via the client’s app and take it from the station on the counter of the café, pub, restaurant or other venues that they are in. They can then use it to charge their devices and then return the power bank to any docking station across the city.

Their power bank stations are free for venues to install and run and the client deals with all maintenance and restoration free of charge. With their inbound support service, they wanted to outsource some of the call centre work to an external team, which is where we came in.

The Project

The client wanted to trial our team doing inbound customer support 3 days over 12 weeks (36 days).

Our team handled inbound calls from the venue owners, find out what issues they were having with their power bank stations and try to resolve them over the phone, and if necessary, liaise with the client’s London-based maintenance team to book slots for them to attend and get the stations back up and running if the venue was in a reasonable radius.

The tracked target for the campaign was to maintain an average answer rate of at least 90%.

The Results

Throughout the campaign, our team handled around 20 – 40 calls per day from venues all over Europe. With over 324 issues being resolved over the phone throughout the campaign, 61 maintenance visits booked with venues in London, and replacement units sent out to venues whose power bank stations couldn’t be fixed.

Overall our team achieved an answer rate of 93.4% and overall customer satisfaction of 89% with the results coming from an email survey after each call outcome.

The client then signed onto a longer-term contract with us to continue our inbound support services and also moved into the lead generation campaigns to promote their power bank stations to further venues.

Customer service fixing an issue.

324 issues resolved

Maintenance worker holding a screwdriver.

61 maintenance visits organised

Female customer service agent helping a customer.

Answer rate of 93.4%

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