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Our Client Projects

Take a look at some of the past telemarketing campaigns that we have run over the years spanning dozens of markets for a wide range of clients.

Two businessman shaking hands as a result of business success.

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Lead Generation Projects

We’ve run a multitude of lead generation campaigns for our clients at River B2B, helping various businesses across a range of sectors generate the highest quality of leads. Using strategic telemarketing activities,  we have gained countless opportunities for our clients, helping them to establish a strong sales pipeline, bring on board new customers, and grow their business.


Take a look at just some of the lead generation projects we’ve run below!

Telemarketing lead generation campaign for mortgage advisors.

Mortgage Advisors

Lead Generation

Telemarketing lead generation campaign for an electrical engineering firm.

Lead Generation

Electrical Engineering Company

A lead generation campaign that River B2B ran for KaVo Dental.


Lead Generation

A lead generation campaign that River B2B ran for a commercial insurance brokerage.

Lead Generation

Commercial Insurance Broker

Appointment Setting Projects

Our appointment setting campaigns have helped many of our clients to connect with relevant decision-makers within some of the most complex and competitive markets. Whether a client needs a face-to-face, phone call or an online demonstration, we set qualified appointments that are suited to the client's every requirement.

Have a look below at our appointment setting projects we’ve run for clients!

An appointment setting campaign run for Talbott's Biomass Energy Systems

Talbott's Biomass Energy Systems

Appointment Setting

An appointment setting campaign that River B2B ran for Hexegic Cyber Security

Appointment Setting

Hexegic - Cyber Security Consultancy

An appointment setting campaign that River B2B ran for EssentialSkillz

Appointment Setting

Tailored eLearning

An appointment setting campaign that River B2B carried out for

Appointment Setting
Medical eLearning

Telesales Projects


We’ve helped dozens of our clients with our telesales campaigns, reaching out to existing and potential customers to sell a range of different products and services over the phone. Our telesales campaigns have allowed businesses to expand their sales channels, increase revenue and make lots more conversions.

Just look at some of the telesales projects we've run below!

Telesales campaign run for a food manufactuer specialising in organic granola.

Natural Granola Manufacturer

Telesales Campaigns

A telesales campaign run for MedicalUp a company the stocks and sells Dimagra Ketogenic Diet supplements

Telesales Campaigns

Dimagra® Ketogenic Diet

A telesales campaign that River B2B ran for LHM Medical Technology

Telesales Campaigns

LHM Medical
Type IIR Face Masks

A telesales campaign that River B2B ran for a company supplying Hand Sanitising Stations

Telesales Campaigns

Hand Sanitising Stations

Customer Support Projects

A customer service campaign that River B2B ran for a company that supplies power bank rental stations.

Portable Power Bank Stations

Customer Service

A customer service project that River B2B ran for an online NHS pharmacy service.

Online NHS Pharmacy Service

Customer Service

Our customer support team at River B2B have helped many of our clients to keep on top of their customer service. We’ve assisted our clients with managing high volumes of enquiries over the phone, dealing with customer issues and compliments, and maintaining a high-quality standard of customer service.

Below are just some of the customer service projects we have run!

Data Enrichment Projects

We’ve had many clients come to us with data lists, whether that be for an email newsletter or telemarketing outreach, and helped them to enrich and cleanse their data to ensure they are accurate and compliant with data protection laws.

Take a look below at some of the data enrichment projects we’ve run!

Data enrichment campaign run for an electrical engineering firm

Data Enrichment

Electrical Engineering Firm

Data enrichment campaign run for a manned security service company

Manned Security Service

Data Enrichment

Data enrichment campaign run for a service news website service

Services News Outlet & Blog

Data Enrichment

Email Marketing Campaigns

With our bespoke email marketing services, we have helped lots of clients send out tailored email campaigns to support their telemarketing activities and grow their email subscriber lists. We have crafted many personalised and branded emails, that have generated significant interest amongst many of our clients' key target sectors.

Here are some of the email marketing projects we’ve carried out for clients below!

An email marketing campaign that River B2B ran for a road transport solicitors firm.

Email Marketing

Transport Solicitors

An email marketing campaign that River B2B ran for a negotiation training company

Email Marketing

Negotiation Training

Email marketing campaing for a medical aesthetics manufacturer.

Medical Aesthetic Device Manufacturer

Email Marketing

Want to see more case studies of our experience in your specific industry?

If you would like to see more of our case studies covering the projects we've run for clients across a range of industries and markets, then please get in touch and we'll send you over some of the projects we've run in the past that are more related to your specific business!

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