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B2B Lead Generation Service

Our lead generation campaigns are designed to generate the highest quality leads with your ideal prospects through strategic telemarketing activities.

Female telemarker on the phone generating leads.

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Lead Quality Vs. Lead Quantity

When it comes to the generation of leads, many agencies focus on generating as many 'leads' as possible without any regard for quality - which leaves you with unqualified leads that aren't likely to convert.

​At River, we know that the key to successful business development, is in the quality of your opportunities, not just the quantity. That's why every lead that we generate, is matched against your specific qualification criteria to ensure that every lead you get is quality a lead.

Now you might be thinking "Surely a core focus on lead quality isn't THAT rare?" - but take a look at these statistics which show why our approach on quality and persistence is so important...


of business don't verify lead quality before passing it to their sales team!


of businesses report struggling with lead generation!


of marketers say generating quality leads is their biggest challenge!

Our Approach to B2B Lead Generation

Lead generation campaign targeting.


Want to target various sectors or change targets mid-campaign? No problem, our telemarking campaigns are completely flexible - you can also ramp up or decrease the activity to suit your needs.

Businesswoman looking at telemarketing campaign analytics.

Full Campaign

We give you complete, 24/7 access to your campaign via our CRM system. Take a look at call outcomes, call notes, and follow-up actions to see how your campaign is performing.

Team of telemarketing agents on the phone.

Multiple Trained

On every campaign we run, we train at least 3 agents. One will be your main dialler, the second is a backup to cover sickness/holiday leave, and the third is in case you feel the other two aren't the right fit!

Hand-drawn sales pipeline diagram.


We don't just hand you immediate opportunities, our teams build a pipeline of leads that can be gradually nurtured towards conversion.


Our goal when partnering with you is to create a seamless integration between our team and your sales teams - acting as an extension of your business, rather than an external team.

Coins stacked showing a company's marketing budget.

Smart Pricing

Our daily rate covers absolutely everything including dialling time, software costs, data acquisition and more. Everything is included in one price so there are no nasty surprises!

Client Lead Generation Projects

Lead generation campaign for a mortgage advisement firm.

Mortgage Advisors

Lead Generation

Lead generation campaign for an electrical engineering company.

Electrical Engineering Company

Lead Generation

Lead generation campaign for a dental equipment manufacturer.

KaVo Dental

Lead Generation

KaVo Dental is one of the world's leading manufacturers of advanced dental equipment. The issue that they were facing, was the rising costs of their internal telemarketing and the poor results that they were seeing.

They came to us for a lead generation campaign targeting private dental clinics, after they had been focused on public and NHS dental services, to generate qualified leads that their internal sales team would then convert.

View more of our telemarketing campaign case studies!

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