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Our Telemarketing Services

Ranging from lead generation and appointment setting, right through to end-to-end telesales and customer service.


Our services are designed to improve your customer acquisition and retention.

A telemarketing headset on a desk in front of a telephone handset.

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Our Services

Office telephone for making outbound telemarketing calls.


With our B2B Lead Generation campaigns, we use a strict qualification process based on your requirements to deliver fully qualified, actionable sales leads.

Sales appointment calendar in an office.


We use the BANT qualification process to ensure that all appointments that we set for you are fully vetted and qualified to ensure that you are maximising your sales team's productivity.

Female telesales agent speaking with a customer on the phone.


With our Telesales campaigns, we can take full charge of the entire sales process - from initial interactions and generating interest, to closing qualified sales of your products.

Male customer support agent helping customer over the phone.


Acquiring customers is half the battle - the other is keeping them. ​With our outsourced customer service, you can focus on providing support to your priority customers, while we can take care of the rest of your clientele.

Businessman looking at customer database.


Accurate data is the key to the success of any marketing campaign, especially telemarketing. We ensure that your data is accurately targeted, has the correct contact information, and is checked against TPS & CTPS registers.

Businesswoman looking at marketing emails on her laptop.


We can integrate email marketing with our lead generation, appointment setting, and telesales campaigns to warm campaign data and generate interest and opportunities.

Why we focus on lead quality...

A set of scales showing the balance of lead quality and quantity.

With every telemarketing campaign we run, whether it's lead generation, appointment setting, or telesales, our first priority is the quality of opportunities we generate.

Why? Because while having lots of leads and opportunities is great, if they're mediocre leads, you'll find yourself at a dead end with little to show for your campaign.

Take a handful of good leads though, and you'll be far more likely to convert those opportunities into sales and see a higher ROI (Return on Investment) from your campaign.

So that's why our primary focus is on finding an approach that generates quality leads and then ramping up our efforts to get you as many great opportunities as possible!

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Telemarketing headset and telephone handset in an office.

To learn about how we work, our campaign structure, and our expert telemarketing team's experience, then head over to our About Us page to find out more!

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