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Don't Let Coronavirus Kill Your Business!

Updated: Jun 6, 2022


As I’m sure everyone is aware, right now, the whole world is talking about one thing. Coronavirus.

Over the past few weeks, cases of COVID-19 have been rising across the UK, and over the next few weeks, we could be seeing more and more changes to limit the spread of the virus, that will also affect our everyday lives and our businesses.

Understandably, people are worried.

While some people are panicking and struggling to contain their need to stockpile Andrex and Lasagne sheets, others are more focused on how the coronavirus pandemic is going to affect their business and its revenue.

With the majority of, if not all, mass gatherings being cancelled or banned, businesses are losing out on opportunities to engage directly with their prospects that typically arise at business expos, exhibitions, trade shows, seminars, and conferences etc.

If this wasn’t enough, many businesses will struggle to organise sales appointments or experience more cancellations due to the COVID-19, and there is also a possibility that business will be forced to close over the coming weeks or switch to working from home.

So, how can you ensure that if your business is affected or has to temporarily shut down, that you aren’t missing out on sales or losing revenue? How can you maintain your sales productivity while working from home if mass isolation or quarantine becomes a reality?

The answer? Phone calls and video conferencing.

Despite all of the worry surrounding coronavirus and its impact on businesses across the UK, there is a valuable opportunity for many businesses due to the outbreak.

With many of your prospective customers working from home, their business numbers and direct lines will be diverted to their mobiles.

Why is this good for you?

There are no more gatekeepers, resulting in higher contact rates with key-decision makers.

A similar scenario also happened a decade ago. During the 2009 – 2010 Swine Flu pandemic, our seasoned telemarketers (some of which have been in the industry for over 20 years) saw an 18% rise in contact rate with key decision-makers and an 11% rise in generated leads across various sectors.

If your business is affected by coronavirus, and your sales team are unable to visit prospects, is cold calling prospects from home really going to be the most effective use of their time? Wouldn’t you rather fill their diaries with conference calls during this period?

At River, the majority of our clients are opting to alter their campaigns to focus on organising qualified appointments with their prospects over the phone, to help maintain their prospect engagement and even increase their sales efficiency in the face of the coronavirus pandemic.

If you would like to learn more about River and how we can help to ensure that you aren’t missing out on potential business opportunities as a result of the COVID-19 outbreak, then please get in touch to speak with a member of our team!

For more information visit our Appointment Setting page.


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