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How Can Telemarketing Aid Businesses in The Agricultural Industry?

Updated: Jun 7, 2022

a representation of the agricultural industry with a tractor in a field

On first thought, people wouldn't really notice the correlation between telemarketing and agriculture. However, agricultural businesses can really benefit and thrive from business to business telemarketing.

How Does B2B Telemarketing Work?

The reason that telemarketing is such a major part of the business world is that it offers a unique chance to create strong relationships with your clients, whilst generating business leads. When you’re establishing a good reputation and taking the time to get to know your prospects and what hear what they have to say, you’re more likely to turn them into clients and even increase the chance that they’ll be a returning customer too.

Telemarketing is often ignored by companies in favour of other methods. Advertisement is a method that can be effective if done correctly, but is a type of reactive marketing, meaning you have to wait for the clients to come to you. Telemarketing is a form of proactive marketing where there’s no waiting around, instead, you make the first move.

What many businesses don’t realise is that it’s often not the goods and services that influence the client’s final decision, it’s the interaction. Clients are more likely to buy from a business that has been friendly, helpful and who they have got to know over that past week or so, rather than someone who pushes for the sale on the first interaction. This is what influences many people’s decision as they feel that the business has taken the time to get to know them personally and have had their experience tailored to suit their requirements.

How Does This Work In The Agricultural Industry?

Carrying out marketing campaigns for businesses in the agricultural industry can prove tricky with some methods. For example, emails and texts won't be very effective when it comes to marketing in that industry. Telemarketing will be a much more effective method because when it comes to business, a lot of deals, meetings and appointments are set up over the 'phone.

Telemarketing can be used to generate more business leads and sales for farms, agricultural resource suppliers and manufacturers of agricultural resources and vehicles. Examples of how it could work include: Working with suppliers to contact farms and inform them about new products and services.

  • Working with farm managers to generate new leads and sales of their produce.

  • Working with resource manufacturers to offer new products to suppliers and attempt to increase their sales pipelines.

  • Working with agricultural vehicle companies to support their lead generation and sales of farming vehicles.

However, not all businesses will have the time, staff or even the expertise that is needed to make their campaign effective.

That's where we come in.

River B2B & How We Can Grow your Business With B2B Telemarketing.

At River, we make it our mission to improve your business performance and provide a successful campaign each and every time.

We offer a range of services including lead generation, appointment setting using email marketing in conjunction with telemarketing, data cleansing, and customer feed back campaigns.

Our strategic approach encompasses planning, delivery and analysis, focusing not only on generation of opportunities but by working with you, as part of your organisation to achieve the desired results.


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