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Why Telemarketing is Driving B2B Business Repair & Growth Post-Lockdown

Updated: Jun 9, 2022

Man speaking over the phone with multiple other telemarketers at desk.

With an increasing number of businesses starting to open back up again and taking their first steps in getting used to the new normal, it is important for these businesses to re-evaluate their customer acquisition strategy and get their growth back on track within their target markets, post-lockdown.

Many businesses were damaged due to lockdown, and now with fewer restrictions and more freedom to operate, you can start to repair and recover from the damage caused to your business, regain lost customers, and get your business back on track to having a more productive 2020 – and for many B2B businesses, telemarketing is the tool that has been driving this recovery.

Why Telemarketing?

Telemarketing campaign results can be seen almost instantly, and new business opportunities can be developed on day one as you can potentially reach your ideal prospect directly just by picking up the phone.

In comparison, other campaigns like paid ads, social media marketing, and content marketing can take a long time until there are worthwhile, visible results.

Although online adverts and social media are good for establishing your brand image and building brand awareness, they can lack the ability to penetrate the market quickly, which is what you will need to do to gain back lost customers and continue to grow your business; which is where telemarketing excels.

black telemarketing headset on desk next to telephone

Other campaigns can also take some time until to set up and optimise for your target audience. Campaigns like display ads may need to be reviewed and optimised frequently to maintain consistent results and ROI.

Telemarketing campaigns, on the other hand, can be established rather quickly, and with experience, very little changes will be needed to optimise your approach.

Faster Results

Before the lockdown, there were many businesses that we had spoken to that were happy with their customer acquisition process at the time. But now, due to the lockdown, they have been forced to re-evaluate and adapt their approach to focus on rebuilding their client base and regaining lost revenue.

Due to the changed circumstances, we have been contacted by many of these businesses who are now looking to use telemarketing as a way to get their business back on track as quickly as possible.

Through telemarketing, you can generate new business opportunities quickly, by having direct and relevant conversations with your prospects, instead of putting out adverts or spending all of your time sending out emails which can take weeks for prospects to respond to, if ever.

Having one-on-one interactions with your prospects, and tailoring each of these interactions to the individual prospect’s problem areas and how you can solve them, is not just a way of generating new business quickly, it’s also essential for building trust and business relationships that last.

Addressing Your Prospect’s Concerns

Telemarketing allows a direct, two-way conversation between you and your prospects, and makes it easy to talk your prospects through their queries and concerns so you can help them with any problems that they may have.

With the damage to the economy caused by the coronavirus pandemic, and with many businesses having increased concerns surrounding budgets, staffing, revenue, and even the risk of a second-peak and lockdown, it can be difficult to retain interest in your offerings through one-way communication methods such as email or social media.

business person thinking with blue background behind them

​The ability to have a direct two-way conversation is a valuable opportunity that you can use to address all of your prospect’s worries and concerns. Having this form of communication, yourself and your prospects and clients can help them to feel more heard and that you are actively listening and responding to their problem areas and concerns.

Developing Your Telemarketing Strategy

When building your telemarketing strategy, it can be difficult to conduct a campaign without much experience or understanding of the method. It can sometimes be seen as too much of a hassle to organise and manage, which is why many businesses decide to outsource their telemarketing to a professional agency that will manage the entire process for them.

At River, we provide fully-qualified lead generation and appointment setting services that help to build your sales pipeline and increase your revenue. We take care of the entire telemarketing process for you and take the full planning and delivery of campaigns off of your hands.

This allows your sales teams to focus on closing new business opportunities, rather than having the time-consuming hassle of prospecting new business themselves.

Want to get your business back on track with qualified lead generation & appointment setting?

If you would like to know more about our B2B Lead Generation and Appointment Setting services and how we can help your customer acquisition process back on track, then please get in touch to speak to a member of our team!


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