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Commercial Insurance Broker

Find out how River helped a commercial insurance broker reach a new target market and secure fully qualified sales leads.

Lead Generation Case Study

A lead generation campaign that River B2B carried out for a Commercial Insurance Broker

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The Challenge

This particular client had just launched a new business health insurance service and was looking for ways to reach out to their target market and promote their new service.


At the time, they were a rather small team, so they often struggled to manage business generation on top of running the business day-to-day.


They contacted us via our website and enquired as to how we operate and if we had worked with businesses like theirs in the past.

The Project

After explaining how River work an discussing some of our previous campaigns, we had a face-to-face meeting at the client’s office in Southampton and agreed on a 20-day pilot campaign with our teams working 2-days per week, targeting a range of businesses in multiple sectors.

The main aim of the campaign was to promote the new business health insurance policy by highlighting the benefits for the employees, benefits to the business and highlighting the effects of having absent staff due to health issues. The client asked for a target of 25 qualified leads for the campaign.

The Results

By the time we reached the halfway point of the campaign, we had already secured 20 leads for the client and they had signed over half of these contacts onto the policies within the first two weeks. The target was beaten by day 12 of the campaign, with 5 leads being generated on that day alone.

In total, the 20-day pilot campaign resulted in 29 leads being generated which is 145% of the original target. The client has reported that out of the 29 leads that were handed over, 12 of them resulted in the prospect signing onto the policy, giving them a 41.4% conversion rate!

We have since begun a 2-month campaign that covers all manner of their services and policies rather than solely business health insurance.

Business leads being generated.

29 fully-qualified leads generated

Lead generation campaign target.

145% of campaign target reached

Lead to sale conversion rate.


conversion rate

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