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End-to-End Telesales Campaigns

With our telesales service, we manage the entire process from initial contact and interest generation, right through to closing sales and following up with existing customers.

Female telesales agent on the phone to a potential customer.

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Decades of Telesales Experience in a Variety of Industries

Our telesales agents have decades of experience selling into a wide range of industries; from supermarkets and wholesalers to hospitals and beauty clinics.


Just as with our Lead Generation and Appointment Setting campaigns, our Telesales campaigns are fully scalable and designed to maximise your conversions of fully qualified sales.


Depending on your requirements, we can work with your internal sales teams to create a seamless telesales process, or fully manage your telesales process from initial contact all the way through to closing deals and following up with customers.

Wondering whether outsourcing your telesales is the right decision, or whether telesales would be worth it for your business? Check out the statistics below...


of buyers accepted at least one or more cold calls in 2019!


of salespeople say their phone is their most effective sales tool!


of customer interactions occur over the phone!

Our Approach to B2B Telesales

Telesales campaign targeting.


Want to target various sectors or change targets mid-campaign? No problem, our campaigns are completely flexible - you can also ramp up or decrease the activity to suit your needs.

Telesales agent making a sale over the phone.


Want an external team to work with your internal sales staff? Or a team of experts to manage your entire end-to-end telesales process while you focus on other strategies? No problem. We can do it all!

Businesswoman looking at telemarketing campaign analytics.

Full Campaign

We give you complete, 24/7 access to your campaign via our CRM system. Take a look at call outcomes, call notes, and follow-up actions to see how your campaign is performing.

Team of telemarketing agents on the phone.

Multiple Trained

On every campaign we run, we train at least 3 agents. One will be your main dialler, the second is a backup to cover sickness/holiday leave, and the third is in case you feel the other two aren't the right fit!



Our goal when partnering with you is to create a seamless integration between our team and your sales teams - acting as an extension of your business, rather than an external team.

Coins stacked showing a company's marketing budget.

Smart Pricing

Our daily rate covers absolutely everything including dialling time, software costs, data acquisition and more. Everything is included in one price so there are no nasty surprises!

Client Telesales Projects

Telesales campaign for a natural granola manufacturer.

Telesales Campaigns

Granola Manufacturer

Telesales campaign for a ketogenic diet supplier.

Telesales Campaigns

Dimagra Ketogenic Diet

Telesales campaign for a medical face mask manufacturer.

LHM Medical Technology
Type IIR Medical Masks

Telesales Campaigns

LHM Medical Technology is a Hong Kong-based internationally recognised medical device manufacturer with over 40 years of experience.

During the first few months of the pandemic, during the huge struggle and shortage of PPE equipment, they began expanding their services to manufacture medical face masks for hospitals, clinics, doctor's surgeries, care homes, and other healthcare establishments.


After manufacturing large quantities of face mask stock, LHM Medical wanted to use our telesales service to reach and sell to the organisations above with our team managing the full process of sending out samples, completing orders, and relaying shipping information to their fulfilment team in Manchester.

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