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Cookie Policy

Our website uses optional cookies for analytics and tracking purposes. These cookies will remain inactive unless you choose to accept or ‘opt-in’ to the use of cookies. Opting-out will disable all cookies used for marketing and tracking, however, the cookies that are needed to run the site will remain active.

​We also use Google Analytics on this website, which is separate from our other cookies and tracking technologies and requires a separate opt-out. 


Google Analytics collects data about how you use this website so that we can improve the user experience and website performance. This data does not include name, age, gender, exact location or any contact details of any kind. Data that is collected includes: Device used (Desktop, Mobile or Tablet), country of origin, whether you are a new or returning visitor, which pages you have visited. This data is not displayed individually, but instead as a percentage of the overall visitor data e.g. 'Percentage of new visitors in the last 7 days' or 'Percentage of visitors using mobile in the last 30 days'. 


You can opt-out of Google Analytics tracking via your browser settings. For more information on how to do this, visit:

If you would like to know the full details of the data collected by our site cookies or Google Analytics, and how this data is used, please send an email to

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