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Data Enrichment Service

Any sales and marketing campaign starts with one foundational point, your data. Keeping your data clean and up to date is vital for maintaining not just accurate targeting and efficiency, but also for compliance with data protection laws.

A businesswoman looking at a database of customer information.

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Your data is your most powerful tool!
Make sure it's looked after!

Without accurate, clean marketing data, how can you expect to effectively and efficiently reach the right people with a message that is relevant to them? You can't! Making sure the quality and compliance of your data is tip-top before launching a marketing campaign is a vital step in the planning process!

Want to know the impact that data can have on your marketing efforts, and why data enrichment is so important? Check out these statistics...


of new data records have at least one critical error!



of marketing executives found that their data fell within acceptable ranges of quality!


of businesses say data quality is their biggest challenge with data-driven marketing.

How we improve your data...

Accurate database of markeitng data.

Database Accuracy

We help ensure that your data is accurate by using the Royal Mail's PAF (Postcode Address File) to verify contact identities, identify & remove duplicates, and update any inaccurate information.


Data Matching

Using the BT OSIS database, which gives access to 27,000,000+ accurate subscribers, we match data such as names and addresses in order to ensure that your data is accurate and up to date.

Data record verification checklist.

Record Verification

Using the UK Occupancy File, which is made up of 40,000,000 records from verified sources, we cross-check and verify all records that we provide so that the data is as fresh and accurate as possible.

Email message that has been openeded.

Email Validation

Our email validation process covers syntax verification, disposable email address detection, DNS validation, SMTP connection and availability checking, mailbox existence checking, grey-listing detection, catch-all testing and more.

Client Data Enrichment Projects

Data enrichment campaign for an electrical engineering firm

Data Enrichment

Electrical Engineering Firm

Data enrichment campaign for a manned security service company

Manned Security Service

Data Enrichment

Data enrichment campaign for a service news website service.

Service News & Blog Subscriber Cleanse

Data Enrichment

The issue that this client was facing was with GDPR and CPA. Being a subscription-based service, their databases needed to be maintained consistently and correctly to maintain compliance with data protection laws.

The client had just over 122,000 records made up of 82,000 existing subscribers, and 40,000 people who had been subscribed in the past in the UK, US and EMEA.

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