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Dimagra® Ketogenic Diet Plan

Telesales Campaigns Case Study

This telesales campaign case study details how River helped MedicalUp promote and resell Dimagra, a ketogenic diet plan by PromoPharma

A telesales campaign run for MedicalUp a company the stocks and sells Dimagra Ketogenic Diet supplements

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The Challenge

MedicalUp are the primary supplier of Dimagra in the UK & Ireland. Dimagra is a ketogenic diet plan with supplements that helps users maintain a healthy lifestyle and lose weight with quick results.

The client came to us last year during the pandemic and wanted to target aesthetic clinics as they began reopening. The aim was to offer these clinics the opportunity to stock Dimagra and add additional revenue streams to their business after a few difficult months of lockdown.

The Project

The campaign was split into two objectives.

When targeting clinics in London, our team was tasked with arranging phone, web, and face-to-face appointments for MedicalUp to introduce Dimagra and close deals with qualified prospects.

When targeting clinics outside of London, our team took ownership of the full sales process, from introducing Dimagra on the initial call, to putting through stock orders.

The pilot activity was run for 20 days over 10 weeks, with a target of 15 telephone/web appointments with clinics in London, and at least 3 completed stock orders each week.

The Results

As the pilot activity came to a close, our team had organised a total of 19 fully qualified appointments for MedicalUp within London.

Across the rest of the UK, our team had also closed a total of 33 stock orders of various sizes with aesthetic clinics and private bariatric clinics.

Overall, the client saw just over 350% ROI and extended their campaign for another 10 weeks to continue the success that they were seeing.

Sales appointments being generated.

19 fully qualified appointments

Telesales orders for aesthetic medicine clinics

33 completed orders with aesthetic and private bariatric clinics

Telesales campaign return on investment.

350% ROI reported by the client

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