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This case study covers the appointment setting campaign that River B2B ran for EssentialSkillz.

Appointment Setting Case Study

An appointment setting campaign that River B2B ran for EssentialSkillz

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The Challenge

EssentialSkillz provides an eLearning platform with over 60 'SCORM' compliant, customisable training courses covering Health & Safety, Business Protection, Well-being and more.

They wanted to trial telemarketing as a way of generating qualified appointments for their business and came to us for a campaign targeting lead training decision-makers in a range of industries with the aim of setting up a face-to-face appointment to demonstrate the LMS platform.

The Project

The pilot activity began in May 2019 after a period of strategic planning and targeting. The activity focused on contacting the lead decision-maker on training within businesses and organisations across the UK with a minimum of 50 employees.

The purpose of the call was to find out how they are currently delivering training within the business, highlight the relevant courses and the unique LMS that EssentialSkillz offer, and set an appointment for the EssentialSkillz team to go out and discuss their requirements in further detail.

The activity was run over a 10-week period with our team calling 3 days per week. The target for the pilot was 20 fully qualified appointments.

The Results

At the end of the 30-day activity, our team had generated a total of 29 fully qualified appointments, some with multi-sited organisations with staff numbers of 750+.


EssentialSkillz reported that from the pilot activity alone, they saw a significant ROI and increase in their quarterly sales compared to the previous quarter. They have since had two further campaigns, with the target criteria increased to organisations with 250 staff minimum.

Sales appointments being generated.

29 fully qualified appointments

Appointment setting campaign target.

145% of the campaign target achieved

Telemarketing campaign return on investment.

233% ROI reported by the client

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