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KaVo Dental

This case study covers the lead generation campaign that River ran for KaVo Dental, one of the world's leading manufacturers of advanced dental equipment.

Lead Generation Case Study

A lead generation campaign that River B2B carried out for KaVo Dental

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The Challenge

KaVo Dental is one of the world's leading manufacturers of advanced dental equipment. The issue that they were facing, was the rising costs of their internal telemarketing and the poor results that they were seeing when breaking into new markets.

Their in-house team had been generating a consistent flow of business opportunities in their primary markets; however, they did not hold the knowledge nor experience to penetrate different areas of the market and failed attempts to do so resulted in campaigns with little to no return on investment.


In short, their in-house efforts began to take up a lot of time and money, and they weren’t seeing much in the way of results, nor significant progress in expanding into different market areas.

KaVo came to us for a lead generation campaign targeting private dental clinics, after they had been focused on public and NHS dental services, to generate qualified leads that their internal sales team would then convert.

The Project

The campaigns that KaVo Dental had been conducting in-house had primarily targeted public dental practices and NHS establishments. They wanted to increase their foothold in the market of private dental care and wanted to generate leads that their internal sales team could then convert into appointments.


They requested a 10-week pilot campaign with our team working 3 days per week on the activity. The agreed target for the pilot was 20 qualified leads.

The Results

At the end of week two, we had handed 7 leads over to KaVo Dental who had already attended 2 appointments that were generated from the results of the first week. By the end of the campaign, we had generated a total of 33 leads for KaVo – 165% of the initial campaign target.

KaVo reported that 21 of the leads resulted in an appointment, and of those 21 appointments, 9 resulted in a successful sale. KaVo Dental has since renewed its contract with us, and they have now chosen to outsource their full appointment setting process, starting with an initial 10-week appointment setting campaign, then going onto a 3-month rolling campaign.

Business leads being generated.

21 fully-qualified appointments achieved

Lead generation campaign target.

165% of campaign target reached

Lead to sale conversion rate.

43% appointment to sale

conversion rate

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