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Natural Granola Manufacturer

This case study focuses on a telesales campaign that River ran for a manufacturer of natural, whole ingredient granola.

Telesales Campaign Case Study

Telesales campaign run for a food manufacturer specialising in organic granola.

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The Challenge

This client is a manufacturer of natural granola and snacks that sells into health food shops, farms shops, delis and other businesses that share a passion for good food and whole, natural ingredients.

They came to us in 2019 because they wanted to outsource their customer service and account management so they could focus more on generating new business, while still keeping existing customers and upscaling repeat orders.

The Project

For the initial project, the client handed us a database of their existing and previous customers that were categorised into different levels based on their order status, history, and how well they fit into the category of an ‘ideal customer’ for the client.

From here, our team prioritise and followed up with the contacts on the database with the details of their last order to establish why they stopped ordering, and what we can do to help them and get them back on board as valued customers.

The target for the customer service and account management campaign, which was being run for 30 days over 10 weeks, was to secure a minimum of 5 repeat orders each week from the contacts that had been given to us by the client.

The Results

During the pilot activity, our team managed to comfortably achieve the campaign target with the minimum number of orders being achieved on 8 out of the 10 weeks of the campaign.

Overall, our team managed to achieve 68 orders with previous customers of the client, and establish their reasoning for their gap or stoppage in their orders. This information was then handed back to the client who wanted to use it to improve the quality of their products and their overall service.

Since the initial campaign two years ago, the client has remained with us, with our team reaching out to their existing and previous customers two days per week to generate repeat orders and provide inbound customer service and support.

Telesales orders.

68 orders placed

Telesales campaign target.

136% of the campaign target achieved

Telesales campaign return on investment.

185% ROI reported by the client

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