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Online NHS Pharmacy Service

This case study covers a customer service campaign that River conducted for an online pharmacy service that provides NHS services.

Customer Support Case Study

A customer service project that River B2B ran for an online NHS pharmacy service.

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The Challenge

Due to the hours of operation in care homes and care agencies, the client wanted to cover all bases for providing timely support. For the campaign, we allocated agents to be working on the campaign, from 8am until 6pm, 5 days per week over 12 weeks (60 days).

Our team would be handling inbound calls from end-users, their families, and their carers to assist with any problems they had with their prescriptions as well as helping to organise repeat orders. Our team would also handle inbound calls from care homes that needed to organise or had problems with large numbers of prescription packs. They also provided platform support to those in need of assistance.

The target for the campaign was to maintain an answer rate of at least 91%

The Project

During the pilot activity, the client wanted two agents working 5 days weekly on their inbound line.

These two agents worked with the client's internal team to deal with customer queries and issues surrounding their prescriptions, including updating medical information and correcting dosages, giving updates on delivery information and estimations, and assisting with other tasks such as account creation and cancellation.

The initial pilot was run over a 12-week period, with a daily target of maintaining an average answer rate of at least 90%.

The Results

Throughout the campaign, our agents were handling around 50 – 60 calls a day each, with a maintained answer rate of 93.6% across the 12-week campaign.

Since the initial project, our client has signed a 6-month rolling contract with now 4 full-time agents handling their inbound customer service/support and passing along feedback from users about the service.

Customer service agent answering a customer call.

Over 2,700 calls taken

Female customer service agent helping a customer over the phone.

Answer rate of 93.6%

Customer satisfaction survey.

Customer satisfaction of 92.4%

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