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Road Transport Solicitors

This case study details how River helped a client adapt to the pandemic and still achieve the goal of increasing engagement via email.

Email Marketing Case Study

An email marketing campaign that River B2B ran for a road transport solicitors firm.

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The Challenge

This client is a solicitors firm based in Cheshire that provides regulatory law services to road transport and waste operators, as well as providing health and safety and litigation legal services.

They came to us in Autumn 2019 as they had a Road Transport & Waste seminar that they were running in February 2020. They wanted to reach out to firms that matched their target audience via an email marketing campaign to let them know about the upcoming seminar and secure ticket sales.

Unfortunately, due to the scheduling conflicts and the pandemic, the events were unable to go ahead, but this case study details how River adapted the client’s campaign to still help them achieve their goal of increasing engagement and providing support to their audiences.

The Project

The client wanted to reach out to transport, logistics, haulage, and waste firms operating within a 50-mile radius from the event’s location in Aylesbury to introduce the seminar to them, and direct them to a website to purchase their tickets to the event.

For the campaign, our website development team developed a landing page and ticket purchasing platform that was separate from the client's main website to be used for the campaign and secure attendees.

Our team then crafted a personalised, branded email campaign to go out to the event prospects to direct traffic to the landing page and generate ticket sales.

The main target for the campaign was to secure at least 50 attendees for the event which had a capacity of 80 attendees – with some of the client’s existing customers already in attendance.

After securing 29 attendees for the event by the start of January 2020, a spanner was thrown into the works when the event had to be pushed back until May 2020 due to unforeseen circumstances for the clients.


Unfortunately, towards the end of March, the May event was cancelled due to the Coronavirus pandemic and so the client needed a way to adapt to provide the same level of support and advice that the seminars would give.

So we began sending out a monthly newsletter for the client packed with information about changes to Road Transport, Waste & Environmental, Health & Safety, and Commercial law to guide them through the pandemic. The newsletters also contained other important legal news and information from prosecution cases.

In addition, the client also began running a one-to-one workshop every Thursday via Zoom, to help road transport and waste operators by giving them tailored legal advice for free. Our team managed the promotion of this workshop, with weekly reminders being sent to their subscriber lists and with call-to-actions in their newsletters.

The Results

Despite the huge shift in the approach since the start of the campaign, going from in-person seminars and ticket sale promotion to regulatory advice newsletters and webinar workshops, the client still managed to achieve their overall objective of increasing their engagement with their existing and potential customers and establishing themselves as a point of support to road transport and waste operators across the North West of England.

Since the start of the newsletters and their one-to-one workshops, they have had several inbound enquiries for legal support and have grown their email subscriber base by over 2,000 contacts, a 20% increase in their audience size.

Newsletter subscription form.

Email subscriber base grown by 2,000 contacts

Group of people on a Zoom call.

20% increase in audience size

Bsinessman making a business enquiry.

Multiple inbound enquiries

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