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This case study covers a data enrichment campaign that River ran for a client that wanted to re-obtain subscriber consent to keep their data compliant.

Data Enrichment Case Study

Data enrichment campaign run for a service news website service

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The Challenge

The issue that this client was facing was with GDPR and CPA. Being a subscription-based service, its databases needed to be maintained consistently and correctly to maintain compliance with data protection laws.

The client had just over 122,000 records made up of 82,000 existing subscribers, and 40,000 people who had been subscribed in the past in the UK, US and EMEA. All 122,000 people on the records needed to be contacted to ensure compliance with the GDPR in the UK and EMEA, and the Consumer Privacy Act in the USA.

The Project

This GDPR campaign involved contacting the existing subscribers and ensuring that their details were accurate, up-to-date and that they had opted-in under GDPR. Contacting the past subscribers involved re-engaging with the contacts, establishing why they had unsubscribed and generating interest for them to re-subscribe.

The client set a target of 70% for existing subscriber opt-ins (57,400 subscribers), and 10,000 resubscriptions from past contacts.

Additionally, the client requested for us to carry out a survey to establish how many field engineers and specialisations were within the contact’s organisation.

The Results

The campaign was carried out over a 3-month period with 10 members of our team working on the project. Of the 122,000 records, our team contacted every organisation listed on the database and confirmed the status of the contacts listed.

Out of the 82,000 existing subscribers, over 73,000 had confirmed their opt-in, with 9,000 contacts asking to be removed – giving the client a subscriber retention rate of just over 89%.

Over 16,400 of the contacts who were previously subscribed chose to re-subscribe as a result of the campaign, exceeding the target of 10,000 re-subscriptions by 164%.

In addition to these results, we grew the client’s subscription list by 7,000 contacts by identifying alternative decision-makers within the targeted companies. The campaign helped to keep their subscriber lists clean and compliant with data protection laws, while also helping them create a more engaged and refined audience database.

Marketing opt-in checklist.

73,000 confirmed opt-ins

Newsletter subscription opt-in form.

Subscriber retention rate of 89%

List of newsletter subscribers.

16,400 contacts previous resubscribed

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