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Electrical Engineering Company

This data enrichment case study focuses on a market research campaign we carried out for an electrical engineering company.

Data Enrichment Case Study

Data enrichment campaign run for an electrical engineering firm

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The Challenge

Prior to running a lead generation campaign with us, this client came to us to get a better idea of which UK construction firms were undertaking new projects, whether they had specific partners for electrical engineering, and who within those businesses are in charge of the project planning and supervision.

The client would then use this data to plan their in-house campaigns and target specific organisations that would be a good match for their electrical engineering projects.

The Project

For the campaign, our team was tasked with reaching out to UK construction companies across various sectors: industrial, commercial, and residential.

When reaching out to the companies, they were aiming to obtain the following information:


  • Name of the decision-maker in charge of large-scale construction projects

  • An email address or contact number for the decision-maker (either obtained from the call or online research)

  • How many projects a year the firm tends to complete

  • Whether they have a partner for electrical engineering (if so, who?)

In total, we had over 500 companies to target with the campaign running for 1 day per week over 5 weeks – with an individual target of 50 completed records a day for both agents assigned.

The Results

At the end of the activity, we had amounted data from over 460 of the targeted companies – including over 400 identified decision-makers, 340 of which with direct contact information (phone numbers or email addresses), and information on the business’ upcoming projects, and the situation with their electrical engineering partners (or lack of).

The client was very happy with the results and passed the data over to their internal sales team to inform their direct sales and marketing strategies.

400 identified decision-makers

Contact information database.

340 with direct contact information

Cleansed email marketing database.

Over 300 confirmed email addresses

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