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Telemarketing: How to Handle Objections Over the Phone

Updated: Jun 6, 2022

business man encountering an objection in the firm of a large cross symbol.

No matter how good you or your company’s offerings are, objections are unavoidable. They’re simply a part of telemarketing that you’ll need to be prepared for if you want to succeed.

You’ll always get prospects who come back with common objections like ‘we’ve already got something in place’, ‘this isn’t a priority right now‘ or ‘this wouldn’t work for us’ but hearing these phrases shouldn’t prompt you to give up and move on.

When handled appropriately, objections CAN be overcome and when they’re not, things can still change later down the line. Dealing with objections is part of the job and an essential factor in your telemarketing success.

In this article, we’ll be covering some key tips that might be able to help you handle telemarketing objections more effectively over the phone.

Planning for Possible Objections

Before you even pick up the phone to speak with a prospect, consider what kinds of objections you may be facing on the call.

Do the research to make sure that you have a good understanding of the company you are calling, as this will help you to identify your prospect's pain points and the challenges within their business.

Taking a few moments before a conversation to consider the company you'll be speaking with and any potential concerns they could have can be incredibly beneficial. When it comes to the real call, if you can plan for a few likely objections and prepare some appropriate responses, you'll feel a lot more confident and have a much better chance of successfully answering their objections.

making a plan using a pen and piece of paper

Ask Meaningful and Open-Ended Questions

When on a call, you are going to need to get to the bottom of your prospect's pain points if you want to effectively handle the objections they raise.

Asking relevant and probing questions and allowing them to discuss their answers in detail, can be a great way to gather more of an understanding of the prospect you are speaking with that can help you to better respond to their concerns.

For example, if the prospect says ‘We’re already with someone else’ it would be then worth asking a follow-up question like ‘How are you finding them currently ’ in order to find out more information to use towards helping to resolve and answers their objection.

Always avoid questions that prompt a simple one-word response with a yes or a no answer, as this will limit their responses and give you less information to work with when responding to objections.

Let your prospects get their thoughts out there so you can really get a feel for their concerns, putting you in a better position to respond to the objections they might raise.

question mark written on a note.

Address Your Prospects Concerns

When your prospect does have an objection, it’s important it is fully addressed and not simply glossed over as you steamroll through the rest of your pitch.

You should be acknowledging your prospect's concerns, and if you have the authority to handle them yourself, you shouldn't be hesitant to try to resolve any objections you face. If you cannot answer their objection at the time, you’ll need to run it up the flagpole and then arrange a time that you can get back to them.

When you recognise valid objections and address them head-on, the prospect will appreciate this far more than you just skirting around their concerns and evading the topic.

telemarketer on phone to a prospect addressing their concerns

Outsource to the Experts

It can take a lot of experience and training before a telemarketer is able to appropriately handle prospect objections on every call. Not every salesperson has this skill, yet it is often necessary if you want your telemarketing campaign to work.

Because of the amount of telemarketing knowledge and experience that is needed to effectively handle these objections, many companies decide to outsource to the experts. This allows companies to utilise telemarketing with a professional and skilled team, without needing to fork out on extensive in-house training and the recourses that are required to run a successful telemarketing campaign.

If you’d be interested in outsourcing, the team at River B2B have years of experience in telemarketing and possess the know-how to effectively handle objections with various levels of decision-makers across dozens of industries.

To learn more about the services that we provide then head over to the ‘Our Services’ page or get in touch to see how we can help!


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